High speed internet
With Etisalat, stay connected at all times and anywhere. 3G Internet access puts an end to poor connection and is the practical way to always be connected to the Internet.

Etisalat offers Internet speed that is 56 times faster than dial-up and 9 times faster than 3G. 3.75G reaches up to 7.2 Mbps which makes browsing and downloading a breeze.

Connection methods:

A reliable and high-speed Internet by which you can enjoy all your internet activities smoothly without any hassle. more>>

  • Laptop connectivity via Etisalat USB modem directly to the Internet
  • Laptop connection via USB cable to a 3G phone and then to the Internet

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    3G phone
    Your 3G phone connected via Etisalat directly to the Internet
    Etisalat wireless router
    Several Laptops connected via Etisalat wireless router directly to the internet

    How much do I pay?
    Now all Etisalat customers can enjoy the summer with Etisalat 3.75G mobile Internet for 0.99 LE per day for the 1st 5 MB. For every additional MB, you will be charged 5 LE, however; access to the Etisalat mobile portal is free of charge.

    You can subscribe to one of the data bundles below by subscribing to 3.75G data SIM card:

    Limited packages
    Plan nameMB includedMonthly fees (LE)Extra MB charge
    Internet 100100 MB29 LELE 0.25/MB
    Internet 1GB1 GB99 LELE 0.25/MB
    * all prices above are tax inclusive
    * Unused data is not carried forward to the following month
    Internet Combo
    With Etisalat Internet Combo tariff you will enjoy the following in one bundle for only 49 LE
    Unlimited internet access to &
    500MB for internet browsing and download
    50 SMS to Etisalat customers
    Unlimited packages
    Plan nameMB includedMonthly fees (LE)Extra MB charge
    Standard Unlimited **Unlimited149 LEN/A
    Premium Unlimited **Unlimited299 LEN/A
    * all prices above are tax inclusive
    * Unused data is not carried forward to the following month
    ** Fair usage policy
    What is the fair usage policy? If you reach your fair usage threshold which is 6 GB per month, your speed will automatically be reduced to 64 Kbps. Limit 6 GB will be provided again at the normal speed by the beginning of the month.

    What is the different between Standard and Premium unlimited? Premium unlimited provides download speeds faster than the Standard offer. With the premium offer, you will experience peak speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, while standard of you will experience speed up to 384 Kbps
    * Speeds may vary depending on coverage, location, network traffic and the type of data being transmitted.
    Where can I use it?
    3G coverage map